Friday, June 21, 2019

IICT Part 2 - the final post!

So, this is my final reflection post for the IICT Course.

It is a course that I have really enjoyed. There has been a lot to learn and although I do think of myself as a proficient technology user, I have definitely been out of my comfort zone a couple of times and been challenged in my thinking.

The last part of the course was excellent. I really enjoyed taking the idea of a parent evening and using it to talk about technology use in the school. I would love to head something like this up in a school and get teachers onboard to showcase the technology that they use in the classroom. It is easy to forget that many parents do not get to see the classroom on a frequent basis and so this would be an excellent way to bring them in. At our recent Lego Expo day, we had parents judging the projects and many of them ended up in my room to see the 3D printer that they had heard about from their children.

The post I wrote about Blogging in the classroom was tough to write. I didn't think I would post it, until I had read posts from other students. Its not that I don't like blogging, I just find it a lot of work and my classroom already has established routines in terms of connecting with parents. In another classroom, this might be the way to go though. I also like giving students the opportunity to write posts as well. I would consider having students tasked with writing a summary of the week to post on Friday. What a great way to have them write and to assess their work. Peer assessment through Google Docs was a popular activity in my classroom, so writing blog posts would be the next obvious step.

Anyway, hoping I will return to this blog sooner than later and I am looking forward to taking my specialist soon.

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